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If you are charged with a criminal offense, immediately schedule a FREE appointment with Matthew P. Woermer.  Hiring an attorney as soon as possible after you are arrested (prior to your first scheduled appearance before the court) is to your benefit – delaying hiring counsel may hurt you.


Matthew P. Woermer aggressively defends your rights.  He defends drunk driving charges, and explores all possible defenses on your behalf.  In Connecticut, a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% is considered driving under the influence of Alcohol.  The penalties and fines for driving under the influence of alcohol or “DUI” depend upon whether your have previously been convicted of DUI.  First time offenders are exposed to fines, face possible imprisonment for up to 6 months, and lose driving privileges for a year.  Sentencing requirements for second and third offenses escalate rapidly.


Facing a drunk driving charge can be a harrowing experience.  The prospect of DUI penalties such as jail, or the loss of a driver’s license, is not pleasant to contemplate.  Your freedom and ability to make a living may be at stake.  Matthew P. Woermer can represent you as he is knowledgeable about all facets of Connecticut criminal laws. 


An arrest does not have to result in a conviction.  Do not make a statement without counsel present.  Matthew P. Woermer can defend you.

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