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As you consider your options with legal representation, we would like to take a moment to share with you our philosophy.  A sound relationship with your law firm should be a priority in your search.  We do not pretend to be a good fit for every person with legal needs.  We are a good fit for people that want good quality legal representation; which includes loyalty to the client, strong knowledge of the area of law, open communication with the client and ability to developing a legal strategy.  Many people undertake legal counsel with no general understanding with the lawyer as to what the strategy or goal should be, that is a perspective that we do not endorse.  We need the client to discuss these things with us from the beginning.  Of course, as cases develop needs and conditions change, that's fine, however most legal entanglements that lack an initial plan tend to be too lengthy, too expensive and unsatisfactory to the client.  We will take charge of the legal methods to achieve your goals.  You will need to work with us to pinpoint what your needs are.


     Our website is intended to give you a window into what type of law firm we are and the overall approach we take in our representation.  Integrity matters!  Please know that we will attempt to handle your case, exactly the way we would hope to be represented.  We encourage communication with our clients whether in person or by state of the art technology to support our efforts.  We embrace online technology to provide us with nationwide legal libraries, web availability, fax, email, and telephone conferences with clients.  We seek to avoid the frustrating experience of "telephone tag" and missed messages.  We prefer a meeting or scheduled telephone call to ensure that we connect with the client.  By implementing this approach we minimize wasted billable time for missed calls and the like, we connect with the client and get questions answered and work done.  Please explore our firm and then come in for a free consultation.

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